Multiple Teams · Mansfield Defeat Spartans

Mansfield Defeat Spartans

– Spartan Arena, TX

In what was supposed to be an early test for the Spartans of Centennial High School end up being the Final Exam from Hades as the Spartans suffered its worst loss in 3-years to Mansfield High School 95-50.

Despite never leading, the Spartans were in the game early in the 2nd half with a goal of chipping a 16-point lead down to 6-points by the end of the 3rd-quarter, the Spartans were only able to get it down to 12-points before the wheels fell off. The Tigers of Mansfield High School went on a 51-18 run in the 2nd half and watched their lead balloon.

With the lopsided loss, the Spartans will regroup and be back in action Friday night – November 20th, 2020, on the road at Arlington Martin High School. Game time(s) – JV/Freshman @ 6:00pm and Varsity @ 7:30pm.

Box Score CHS (50) 
– Jeb Tobin 16p
– Kendall Lawrence 6p
– Ty’Jae Minter 3p
– Logan Taylor 14p
– Braden Elrod 4p
– Bryce Robinson 5p
– Grant Hinkle 1p
Box Score MHS (95) 
– Adrian Chevis 16p
– Daniel Maktchi 9p
– Adarian Holmes 4p
– Marquis Thibert 11p
– Sterling Butler 3p
– Andrew Iyamah 16p
– Kevin Daniels 6p
– Cameron Williams 10p
– Mackie Looper 4p
– Drew Crippen 16
Overall Record: Centennial (0-2)
Next Game: Friday – Nov. 20th @ Arlington Martin 7:30pm