Multiple Teams · Individual Skills Workouts

Spartan Individual Skills Workouts

– Spartan Arena, CHS 

Below you will find a PDF of all of the Summer Skills Trainings and Individual Workouts that are basketball and program specific. Within this 9-Week comprehensive basketball skills workouts are specific drills and ways of conducting drills for the following skill(s) development:

  • Ball-Handling – Dribble Fundamentals & Combinations
  • Shooting – Shot Footwork & Fundamental Shot Mechanics
  • Finishing – Layup Footwork, Fundamentals & Shot Variations

Within our program we DO NOT pigeon hole student-athletes into position labels, as it is our goal to develop the well-rounded basketball player. With that said ALL players learn how to handle the basketball, shoot the basketball from distance, and learn effective ways of posting up and finishing near the basket.


9-Week: Individual Skill Workouts – SPARTAN SKILLS WORKOUT(s)


Best of Luck & GO BLUE!

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