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Lady Spartan Soccer

Jan 5 Thurs Denton Braswell (Richland Tourney) Old Birdville Stadium 12:30pm V
Jan 5 Thurs Gainesville ( Richland Tourney) Old Birdville Stadium 6:30pm V
Jan 6 Fri Colleyville Heritage (Richland Tourney) Richland H.S. Field 9:30am V
Jan 7 Sat Girls Semi-Final (Richland Tourney) FAAC 11:00am V
Jan 7 Sat Girls Final (Richland Tourney) FAAC 4:00pm V
Jan 13 Fri LD Bell (Brewer Tourney JV) Field 4 (Grass) 11:10am JV
Jan 14 Sat  Arlington Martin (Brewer Tourney JV) Field 4 (Grass) 8:30am JV
Jan 14 Sat TBA (Brewer Tourney JV) Field 3 (Grass) 1:50pm or 3:10pm JV
Jan 19 Thurs Aledo (Birdville Tourney) Birdville Field 1 12:00 V
Jan 19 Thurs Granbury (Birdville Tourney JV) Birdville Field 1 1:30 JV
Jan 19 Thurs Timber Creek (Birdville Tourney) FAAC 7:30 V
Jan 20 Fri Irving Nimitz  (Birdville Tourney) FAAC 1:30 V
Jan 21 Sat Birdville  (Birdville Tourney) FAAC 11:00 V
Jan 21 Sat Birdville  (Birdville Tourney JV) FAAC 5:00 JV
Jan 23 Mon Crowley Crowley 6:00 JV
Jan 27 Fri Crowley Crowley 6:00 V
Jan 30 Mon Cleburne Centennial 6:00 JV
Jan 31 Tues Cleburne Centennial 6:00 V
Feb 3 Fri Arlington Seguin Centennial 6:00 JV
Feb 3 Fri Arlington Seguin Seguin 6:00 V
Feb 6 Mon Burleson Centennial 6:00  JV
Feb 7 Tues Burleson Centennial 6:00 V
Feb 10 Fri Granbury Granbury 6:00 V
Feb 13 Mon Granbury Granbury 6:00 JV
Feb 14 Tues Joshua Centennial 6:00 V
Feb 17 Fri Everman Everman 6:00 V
Feb 20 Mon Joshua Centennial 6:00 JV
Feb 21 Tues Crowley Centennial 8:00 V
Feb 24 Fri Cleburne Cleburne  8:00  V
Feb 27 Mon Everman Everman 6:00 JV
Feb 28 Tues Arlington Seguin Centennial 8:00 V
Mar 2 Thurs JV District Tourney (2 games) BHS & CHS TBA JV Only
Mar 3 Fri Burleson Burleson 8:00 V
Mar 4 Sat JV District Tourney (2 games) BHS & CHS TBA JV Only
Mar 7 Tues Granbury Centennial 8:00 V
Mar 10 Fri Joshua Joshua 8:00 V
Mar 13 Mon Everman (Senior Night) Centennial 8:00 V
Spring Break March 13-17
Mar 18 Sat  5A District Certification Deadline
Mar 20-21 Mon-Tues 5A Bi-District Playoff TBA TBA V
Mar 23-25 Thurs-Sat 5A Area Playoff TBA TBA V
Mar 30-April 1 Thurs-Sat 5A Regional Quarterfinals TBA TBA V
April 12-14 Thurs-Sat 5A State Tournament TBA TBA V


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